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I cannot recommend the Learning Workshop highly enough. Geraldine and her team enabled Joe to achieve his potential. Joe is delighted with his results in Maths OL, Irish HL, Biology HL, and in his own words ‘was worth the effort’. The notes were clear and focused and each teacher took time to explain content in ways that were meaningful and memorable. Regular mocks and detailed feedback gave Joe the focus he needed. In summary, the Learning Workshop provides students with the opportunity to get additional help and it’s affordable for us parents.

Parent contact number if you want to inquire - 087 249 9508

Leaving Cert Student 2017 (Biology, Irish, Maths)


LC OL Maths

I would highly recommend attending the Learning workshop for extra tuition. The small classes mean every student gets individual attention. Geraldine encourages each student to strive to achieve their potential. Classes are structured and exam focused. Having attended Geraldine for maths over the past few years, both for junior and leaving cert I have nothing but praise for her. I would not have achieved my results without her,

Leaving Cert Student 2017

I found that grinds with Geraldine really helped me achieve my result this year in my leaving cert. At the beginning of the year I was struggling to maintain a pass but by the end of the year the classes had brought me up to an O4. I would highly recommend Geraldine to anyone that may also be struggling, she is a great teacher and makes you feel very comfortable.

Leaving Cert Student 2017 (Result included in testimonial)

Getting grinds off Geraldine was the best decision I ever made. I felt I was falling behind and was beginning to panic about the upcoming Leaving Cert, so I decided I would look into getting some help. Geraldine was very patient and kind with me and explained everything in ways that made it much simpler for me to understand. I honestly do not believe that I would of done as well as I have done without Geraldines help. I would highly recommend her.

Leaving Cert Student 2017 O5 Maths

After deciding to repeat my leaving cert this year, I took up both chemistry and maths at the Learning Workshop. I struggled with these subjects in school, but with the help of these teachers, my initial grades of a D in chemistry and a C in maths changed to a H1 and a H3. The teachers are very willing to help, both with academics and with study plans. I would highly recommend to those going into their final school years.

Leaving Cert Student 2017 (Results included in testimonial).

I took on Biology Grinds for my Leaving Cert 2017 and even though I didn't start until I was well in to 6th year , it was definitely the right decision for me. Geraldine was very accommodating and supportive and the teacher was an excellent tutor. Her classes were small and very well structured , with excellent notes and tuition provided every week. I went in to my Biology exam more confident and prepared and was delighted with my end result which I would not have achieved without their help. Thank you so much Geraldine and her teachers and continued success to the Learning Workshop.

Leaving Cert Student 2017 (Biology H5)

"When I started going to Geraldine's class I was nowhere near exam ready and to be honest I was panicking about my upcoming Leaving Cert exam. However, when I started the Maths class this thankfully changed. It was small group learning with a personal one to one interaction with Geraldine. It is a relaxed environment where you feel comfortable to stop and ask questions. When it comes to maths you have to be sure of methods to recreate and recognise certain aspects of the course when they appear in an exam setting. Geraldine ensured this and made everyone in the group feel more relaxed and confident coming up to the exam time. I cannot recommend Geraldine and the Learning Workshop enough. Thanks again to Geraldine. I honestly couldn't have done my maths exam without you"

Leaving Cert Student 2016 (Maths OL C2 Result)

"I attended the Learning Workshop in order to study Business for my Leaving Certificate on, on the recommendation of a fellow student. It was not an option for me in school due to my choice of other subjects, but I needed to do Business so that I could study LCVP".

"I obtained a B2 in my Leaving Certificate which I used as one of my 6 subjects for CAO points. It was one of my better results". The one thing I liked about the Learning Workshop is that the course was broken down into parts and explained in simple terms, day to day examples given. I found it relatively straight forward and the notes that were given were excellent. It is important to study the notes. I would recommend the Learning Workshop to other students".

Leaving Cert Student 2016 (Result included in testimonial).

"The Learning Workshop was very beneficial. The teacher was excellent and very helpful and the small class size made it very easy to learn. The notes were well prepared and great for revision. I would really recommend the Learning Workshop".

Leaving Cert Student 2016 (English HL A1 Result)

"I would highly recommend the maths workshop to help prepare students for the Honours Maths Leaving Cert syllabus. Individual tuition in a smaller class setting me to focus on exam questions and techniques. It also enabled me to gain a deeper understanding of various topics by continual assessment, weekly homework, individual support and weekly guidance from my excellent experienced maths tutor. I have no hesitation in recommending the Learning Workshop to help improve student's grades and reach their full potential".

Leaving Cert Student 2016 (Maths HL C3 Result)

"The revision classes every week made me understand the maths course much easier and also taught me unique ways of doing some questions. I was also able to track my progress with regular tests. I was able to achieve an A2 in my Leaving Cert, something which I thought was not possible for me. Thanks for the interest you showed to each student to help them achieve their goal".

Leaving Cert Student 2016 (Maths HL A2 Result)

"I undertook a Learning Workshop class in Chemistry. The work ethic of the teacher to help the class achieve their best grade was second to none. I'm sure that across the board the Learning Workshop classes are run with the same level of professionalism. This all adds to helping the student do the best they can. I would recommend the Learning Workshop to anyone who needs help in a subject or wishes to take a subject outside to school. Learning Workshop gives you the support and drive to do the best you can and this is something that will lead to better grades"

Leaving Cert Student 2016 (Chemistry HL C2 Result)

"I attended the Learning Workshop throughout 6th year term 2015/2016 on a weekly basis for Maths grinds. I found the service impeccable and I found Geraldine to be very helpful, co-operative and willing to help me in any was possible. In the up coming weeks to my Leaving Cert exams Geraldine was always willing to provide extra classes. I always struggled with Maths but I found myself very prepared entering the exam and this all down to Geraldine's expertise. I would not hesitate to recommend the Learning Workshop to any student at any any level"

Leaving Cert Student 2016 (Maths OL C2 Result) 

"Taking grinds here was definitely the right decision for me as a leaving cert student. The group classes make sure you don't feel awkward or singled out. It's also comforting to know that you're surrounded by students in the same boat as you. My oral French definitely improved thanks to Anne who is amazingly patient and understanding teacher. Her position as an examiner was a bonus as we could learn exactly what examiners were looking for. The written part of the classes helped me boost the knowledge that I already had and gave me that added edge in my written pieces. All in all I would not have gotten such a great result if it weren't for the classes I took here which pushed my French grades beyond what I thought I was capable of and made me more confident in myself and my ability".

Leaving Cert Student 2016 (French HL B2 Result)

"Cannot praise the Learning Workshop staff and Geraldine enough and would highly recommend it. I attended classes in Business with Geraldine and sat my Leaving Cert in June, 2016. She was not just a tutor but also very caring and supportive during a tough challenging Leaving Cert year. Her personal concern for me kept me focused and motivated. Business is the route I have chosen to pursue in University and I have learned techniques that I can now use there and over a lifetime. The notes I received were excellent and the class tests and mock leaving cert exams helped me to revise and study wisely and effectively".

Leaving Cert Student 2016 (Business HL B2 Result)

"I have found the workshop extremely invaluable to me as a student and over the course of the academic year it provided me with great confidence in my chosen subject, English. The staff are also very encouraging and helpful and are always obliging and willing to offer assistance. I would eagerly recommend the Learning Workshop to any and all students seeking to reach their full potential."

Leaving Cert Student 2015 (English HL B3)

"I attended classes in Biology and Chemistry during my Leaving Cert year. Geraldine and all the teachers were really enthusiastic, welcoming and friendly, with student's best interests at heart. Class sizes were small which was beneficial as each student got the attention and help that they required. All notes we received were of a high standard, concise and exam focused. I also felt that the additional mock exams and class tests were a huge help as it enabled me to really focus on exam style questions and technique. Many thanks for the excellent tuition, support and encouragement. We are so lucky to have such and excellent resource in our area. Well done Geraldine and all the staff at the Learning Workshop."

Leaving Cert Student 2015 (Chemistry HL A2, Biology HL B1)

"Thank you for the excellent tuition, help and guidance I received during my time at the Learning Workshop. The tuition was very beneficial and I found that the notes distributed were clear, concise, helpful and exam focused and certainly assisted me in achieving a good Leaving Certificate result. Best wishes for the future and continued success with your excellent work."

Leaving Cert Student 2014  (Chemistry HL A2)                                                   

"When I was doing my Leaving Cert (2013 - 14) I decided to attend classes with the "Learning Workshop" because I needed help with the Business course. I found that the notes received plus the quality and style of teaching suited me ideally. In particular the small class groups and the individual attention received made all the difference. I was confident going into the exam but did not expect to get the A2 grade I achieved. There is no doubt that the "Learning Workshop" played a vital role in helping me achieve that grade."

Leaving Cert Student 2014


"A massive thank you to Geraldine for all her help in the weeks up to the Leaving Cert, with excellent notes and guidance she brought me from a D to a B1 in Business in the space of just 6 weeks. I am very proud of this achievement and it would not have been possible without her support and commitment to her service"

Leaving Cert Student 2015 (Business HL B1)

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